Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shopper's Math

Went out this evening to seek Bubby's NJ Cache in nearby River Vale. This must be a former tree farm because there are some parallel rows of pine trees by the entrance.

Went to a store whose name will not be mentioned. The total came up to $16.16. So I gave the cashier $17 in bills. He punched "17" into the register. Then the register showed ".84" for the change. He put the bills into the cash drawer. He looked at the drawer for a second and then asked "Do you have fifteen?"

I figured he wanted to know if I had 15 cents (forgetting about the extra penny) so that he can hand me a dollar back and not have to make change. It so happened that I did have 16 cents so I gave it to him. He plunked the dime, the nickel, and then the penny into the cash drawer.

Then he took a dollar from the cash drawer and then absentmindedly started picking up coins from the cash drawer. I had to stop him and let him know that he owed me just that dollar. I have to wonder though if he'd have given me $1.84 if I hadn't stopped him.

Came home and spent pretty much the rest of the evening preparing and uploading photos to and Flickr. Here are some of them:

Motorcycle in the woods

The motorcycle in the woods.
Manasquan Reservoir, Howell, NJ.

Garden next to the town hall

Flower garden next to the Islip Town Hall.
The bronze sculpture is of three kids looking at a bug on a stick.

Lake in Brightwaters

One of several lakes in Brightwaters, NY.

Horse on the roof

Horse on the roof.
Kinchley's Pizza Restaurant, Ramsey, NJ.

Sunset at Bayside

Sunset at Bayside Park in Mantoloking, NJ.

Sunset at Bayside

Sunset at Bayside Park in Mantoloking, NJ.
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