Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Lizard and the Killer Whale

Oil change this evening. 221,886 miles. The service tech asked if I was going to drive this car until the very end. That reminded me of what happened to my father's old car (a powder blue Peugeot with old-fashioned tail fins and a stick shift on the steering column that only went up to 4th gear) about 20 years ago. That car died just a few blocks from home, so we walked home to get the other car. Funny how I'm remembering this episode now.

When I called Commerce Bank this afternoon, the lady at the call center who answered the call said that they just had a power outage because of a big storm and they were scrambling to get everything back online. Then a little later, the heavy downpour came my way. Fortunately, there wasn't a power outage here.

A bit of a victory for the Firefox camp: Scott Berkun, former IE developer/designer, switches to Firefox. There are also some good suggestions in the comments section on customizing the Firefox UI with extensions.

While on the topic of web browsers, I saw this mentioned in the K-Meleon forums: Dr. Orca. It looks a lot like Avant Browser, but uses Gecko instead of IE as the rendering engine. Installed it this evening to give it a go and even though it's still an alpha version, its UI already has a lot more polish and features than K-Meleon's. We're going to be spoiled for choices in the Gecko-based Windows web browser arena.
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