Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey and a little Pennsylvania

The weather forecast said it would rain today, but it didn't rain until dinnertime. I was having dinner at the Long John Silver's in Beverly (US-130 near the Beverly-Rancocas Road intersection) when all of the rainstorm took place during a 10-minute period. That's it? Okay, great.

Anyway, the rain made me decide to go down South Jersey, where there are lots of quick geocaches, instead of NW NJ where there is real potential of going deep into the woods and getting soaked. The rain didn't happen during the day so I actually did get some longer walks done in Rancocas and Lumberton.

It was night by the time I got to the last geocache. That location, in Camden, was a high-crime area. I parked at a rather dubious location (the nearest sign said "Trust in the Lord" because perhaps the police can't save you :) ) and made a quick dash to the cache location. Then I noticed that someone else was also heading for the same location. He turned out to be Lavarock, one of the local geocachers. That location has a good view of Battleship New Jersey, which is quite well-lit at night. Hope the photos turn out okay.

Victory in Verona (New Jersey )
Verona Park in Verona.

In A Marsh In Trenton (New Jersey)
Roebling Memorial Park in Trenton.

Mac and Zak's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Ballfield in Langhorne.

Stir It Up..........Umm Umm Good! (Pennsylvania)
Municipal park in Tullytown.

Delightful Lagoon (Pennsylvania )
Local park in Bristol.

Tiny riverfront porch (New Jersey)
Rancocas State Park in Mt. Laurel.

Spiderman's hang-out (New Jersey )
Ironwood Outdoor Center in Lumberton.

Perfect Fit/Tight Squeeze (New Jersey)
Buttonwood Park in Mt. Holly.

1959 Kissing Bridge (New Jersey )
Scarboro Covered Bridge in Cherry Hill.

Black Dragon (New Jersey)
Camden Waterfront near Tweeter Center and Battleship New Jersey.


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