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52,000 bills at the next refresh. There are 24.6 million bills in the system so I have entered about 1 in 473 of all georged bills.

On a related note, I hope Excession is happy now because this bill has already gotten him five hits. :) Even stranger still, it is now only about 30 miles from me after having gone all the way to Hawaii!

Went out to the Palisades Center Mall in the evening. I don't know if there was a point to that trip but I got to see the 3-foot Stitch plushie in the Disney Store. However, it is $125 so I think I can wait. :) I really shouldn't go to the mall without a plan. I ended up staring at the crepe store, which used to be a cinnamon roll store, a bit too long and got solicited by a moisturizer saleslady. I kid you not. How anyone could imagine I'd buy cosmetics is a mystery. Just look at the shabby way I dress.

Lots of stores in the mall have gone out of business. The cinnamon roll place, as I mentioned, is gone. Sun & Ski Sports is gone, after only about a year. Waldenbooks disappeared. Natural Wonders shuttered a long time ago. Palisades Center is very crowded on the weekends but I don't think most of the people there are buying. The Cheesecake Factory, replacing the Rainforest Cafe, will open in May 2003. I noticed there is a new restaurant, Stir Crazy, on the top level. High-brow Chinese food. I don't know if I want to try that just yet. What's with all the Buddhas on the perimeter of the restaurant? Is there such a thing as being too Asian-themed? :)


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