Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lazy Monday Afternoon

After taking care of some things in the morning, I went out to Dolphin's First Cache at a town park in Congers, NY. Came across Kurt10956 at the geocache site.

Then I went over to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Center in Harriman State Park. From there, it was a hike up the mountain, to and past the Cat's Elbow, to get to the Cat's Elbow and Red Dot Ridge geocaches. On my way back to parking, I ran into Walkin' Ed, who had just finished Cat's Elbow himself.

Then I went to Bare Roke II at the Pyramid Mountain Reservation in Kinnelon. It's at Bear Rock, one of several large erratics in this area.

Then I went to Mountain Way Preserve in Parsippany to check on one of my geocaches and put in a new logbook. The old logbook is actually pretty good reading because some of the people who signed in have come from as far away as Texas and Florida, and a few log entries are from people in the neighborhood who stumbled on the geocache.
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