Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Play a little every day

Went for two geocaches today since they aren't far away:

1. Rest Stop GSP (N/S) Montvale
This one is at the Park 'n Ride section of the Garden State Parkway rest stop.

2. A Walk In The Park!
This is a 2-step geocache at Veteran's Memorial Park in River Edge. The first part is near Surfer Dude, which is actually a war memorial sculpture.

The second geocache was near the Chinese supermarket so I went there to see if they still had any mooncakes. Yes, they had some left, but not the good kind. Drat. Good thing I got a box last week.

A few pictures from the weekend...

Sunset on Watnong Mountain
Watnong Mountain, Parsippany, NJ. I was checking on my geocache and the sun was setting at the time.

Bear Rock
Bear Rock, a large glacial erratic at Pyramid Mountain Reservation in Kinnelon, NJ.

View near R-D Trail
View from the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail in Harriman State Park. The distant body of water is the Hudson River.

End of the Summer Picnic - The auction/raffle
The End of the Summer Picnic at the South Mountain Reservoir in Allentown, PA. This is the raffle/auction portion of the event.

Battleship New Jersey at night
Battleship New Jersey at the Camden waterfront. I should've brought the tripod for this one, but in this high-crime part of town, it's better to just dash in and out again.

Caterpillar on my pants
Caterpillar. Fun to touch, but don't make it bleed!

Delaware Canal Lagoon Park
Delaware Canal Lagoon Park in Bristol, PA. There's a wedding reception happening on the left side.

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