Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bad Charma

Hmm... I wonder what's the story with this.

Bad Charma??

Charamel is IMHO one of the nicer themes for Firefox and Thunderbird. Fortunately, although its website is... scrawled on, it's still available at deviantART. Needs to be updated for Deer Park though.

Instead of working on the website, I spent a bit too much time playing with this, considering that I'm not even a Mozilla Sunbird user in the first place and I have only a handful of appointments a year, if that. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could get Sunbird to publish and update a remote iCal calender through WebDAV.

The webhost already has mod_dav installed, so that part's taken care of. So I set up the directory that I was going to put the calendar in and I set up the DAV user/password. Browsed it with DAV Explorer. So far, so good. Started Sunbird. Added a calendar and entered the DAV URL under "Remote Server URL" and set it to automatically publish. Sunbird prompted for the user and password, which I entered and it took.

Added an appointment. Then I got an error popup saying "This doesn't appear to be a valid file." Went into that directory and saw that Sunbird had indeed created an iCal file there. Checked the owner and permissions. Those looked fine.

After tinkering with it a bit more, I discovered that Sunbird itself has a problem creating a remote calendar from scratch. (Maybe one of the nightly builds has addressed the issue?) Apparently, the procedure for starting a remote calendar is to first create a local calendar, add at least one appointment to it, and publish it to the remote location. Then you can switch to using just the remote calendar. Weird.

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