Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

In the Nuthouse

Autumn already? It sure was breezy and cool in the morning.

After doing the first geocache, I had to come home (I wasn't that far from home at the time) and take care of something that... uhhh... needed taking care of. Then I headed out again and did 5 more.

The Leonia, Englewood, and Fort Lee area screws me up every time. This afternoon, I made wrong turns 5 times and also got tripped up by an incomplete intersection that didn't have all the ramps. In the end, I ended up on Route 46, not I-95/I-80 as intended, so I decided to just use that road to get to Cedar Grove.

Ran into KBer at the "Quiet Time" geocache.

Finished up with the Nuthouse. The park is open until 9pm so I figured I could do it even if the search continued past dusk. I had 5 flashlights in the car and the thought did occur to me that if I strapped them all together, I would have 3 million candlepower or so. Which wouldn't even be needed because I saw that the field lights came on for the night soccer games when it got dark.

Rockland Rocks! (New York)
Mountainview Park in West Nyack.

Overpeck Park - Henry Hoebel Area (New Jersey )
Overpeck Park in Leonia.

Upper Level Delay (New Jersey)
Palisades State Park in Fort Lee.

Quiet Time (New Jersey )
Wooded area in Cedar Grove.

By a Waterfall (New Jersey)
Wooded area in Cedar Grove near swimming pool.

Nuthouse (Mindgame) (New Jersey )
At and around some soccer fields in Metuchen.


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