Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lengthy and Island-like

Where to begin? Oh, the weather: It was cloudy and cool all day long. It's one of those days that looked like it was going to rain but never did.

Saw Crusso on my way to "Cross Island Trail." Odd that he didn't go for the cache himself.

I found "Critter Cache 1" totally destroyed. The plastic container was smashed to pieces and pages from the log book were scattered all over the grass. Based on lewd drawings I saw on some of the pages, my guess is some neighborhood hooligans did that.

When I was at "Sagtikos Manor," the police came by to ask what I was doing there. It turns out that no one is allowed to go there unless the manor is open for tours. Furthermore, geocaching is not allowed on manor grounds. I passed the word on to the cache owner.

More conversations with strangers, this time at Long John Silver's in Patchogue. During the conversation, I found out from this guy that the railroad in Baldwin used to be a level crossing with hand-crank gates, not the elevated railroad that it is today. When he was a kid, he watched the construction of the elevated railroad. (He also said that movies were 25 cents back then and you could watch 2 movies and 1 cartoon for that 25 cents. These days it is $10?? Ouch!) Then when I told him that I would be driving back to New Jersey after dinner, he seemed surprised. He asked: Doesn't it usually take 3 to 4 hours? (No, it takes only about 90 minutes to go home from Patchogue if there are no accidents.) Since I've heard that from a few people already, I'm wondering if there's some kind of movement out to give Long Islanders the impression that crossing the Hudson River over to New Jersey always takes stupendous amounts of time no matter what day and time it is.

And finally: The cashier at Long John Silver's gave me the 10% senior discount. Weird. And also not the first time this has happened.

Cross Island Trail (New York )
Path next to the Cross Island Parkway in Bayside. I always wondered how people get there. Now I know. (There are a number of pedestrian bridges.)

Critter Cache 1 (New York)
Small neighborhood park in Mineola.

Nobody Home (New York )
Muttontown Preserve in Syosset.

SwampBuggy ShooIn (New York)
Charles T. Church Nature Sanctuary in Mill Neck.

Aquatica Mouse! (New York )
Centre Island Beach Village Park in Bayville.

Argyroneta Aquatica (New York)
Beach cache in Oyster Bay.

NZ14 - Peek-a-boo (New York )
Massapequa Preserve in Massapequa Park.

Use the Force (New York)
Casamento Park in Bay Shore.

Wohseepee woohoo! (New York )
Wohseepee Park in Brightwaters.

Sagtikos Manor (New York)
Sagtikos Manor in Bay Shore.

The Boarding House for Travel Bugs @ Mac Arthur 2 (New York )
Near the MacArthur Airport in Holbrook.


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