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Bagging a quick geocache on a weekday afternoon is as sweet as a stolen kiss. So finding the Golden Mushroom At Congers Lake geocache this afternoon was like a stolen kiss next to a body of water off Route 303. But I digress. It's in Congers Lake Memorial Park in the town of Congers, just up the road from the Palisades Center Mall. There a nice lake with a paved path going alongside it.

Also went for the Hutchinson River Parkway Rest Area geocache at a gas station island on a highway in White Plains.

Easiest Wiki system to set up: TiddlyWiki
(It's just a single web page! However, it's not multiuser and it can only be edited locally.)

2nd easiest Wiki system to set up: Instiki
(Unpack and run. It comes with Rails bundled, so it only needs the Ruby interpreter.)

3rd easiest Wiki system to set up: ??

I've moved some of my domains (and certain small, obscure websites that no one goes to) over to the new webhost. I'll save the main content for last, in case there are problems with the new host. Since they have Ruby, I'll most likely drop Instiki into one of the spare domains to use as my personal wiki, replacing the crude PHP note-taking hack that I used to have.

While modifying the domain records, I noticed that points to this journal. I'd forgotten that I set that up.

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