Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Any resemblance to a certain golf celebrity is intentional

I am absolutely amazed! I sent out the Tiger Golf travel bug a few years ago. Then I didn't hear from him for two years. Then today, I found out that he's been doing a stint in Iraq!

Finished moving all but one domain over to the new webhost. The last domain has some email addresses that I use so I'll have to set those up at the new host before making changes to the domain record. Also, the other problem is the old webhost uses the .php3 extension for PHP files, while the new one uses .php. So I renamed all the PHP files. Then I fixed the links in those files. Then I wrote some Apache mod_rewrite rules to redirect the old names to the new names. (Need to do this in case people have linked or bookmarked the old names. I don't want to create more broken links if I can help it.)

Retrieved the car's title from the safe deposit box this evening. Then I removed nearly everything from the car and cleaned it up a bit. Found a slide rule in the glove compartment! (Wonder what I used that for. Did I travel down the Parkway years ago and suddenly need to do multiplication?) Also found a Philadelphia Adam's Mark parking stub. Man, that hotel is long gone, but somehow it keeps coming back to haunt me. Also put back the cigarette lighter and ashtray that came with the car and which I've been keeping in a box at home all these years. They still look brand new. Anyway, I'm this much closer to getting rid of the heap. I'm really going to miss it, except for its weird engine noises, its over-revving at certain times, its "klunk" noises every time it hits a bump, its tendency to go to the side of the road in the vicinity of geocaches... oh wait, that last part is me.

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