Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Uh oh, someone blew a gasket!

Hoo boy... looks like this cacher's awfully touchy about her caches and decided to rant in the forums. Let's just say that hiding 8 caches after finding only 3 is jumping the gun. You wouldn't have a world of experience at that stage and shouldn't presume to make up rules and tell others what they can and cannot do. It just seems awfully petty and that bad attitude sure doesn't help.

Personally, all I want is for visitors to my caches to leave something if they take something and to rehide the cache exactly as they found it. I don't even get that and my caches have been plundered several times already. Do I start a thread in the geocaching forums ranting about it? Noooo....

Anyway, I wrote an apology in that thread. Nothing more I can do. It just seems like so much time and energy are wasted on anger when there are many caches waiting to be found and hidden.

The drive door in my old Sony Mavica FD-71 digital camera keeps getting stuck and needs to be jiggled to get the disk out. I'm not sure if that is worth fixing or if I can even get a replacement part for that. It is a pretty good camera though.

I should be at 44,000 bills on Where's George after the next refresh.

So this evening, after the cachemobile's oil change, (It didn't need any other repairs. Thank goodness.) I went to the Walmart in Suffern. I don't know why I even did that. I loathe Walmarts. Every one of those has pretty much the same crowd, eyes glazed over, shuffling around. It's depressing. Those stores hardly ever have anything I want anyway, and the big smilies are everywhere... taunting... glaring. Of course you'll find the same thing going on at Target but at least there's red stuff everywhere. Hmm...

[Rottweiler pup plushie]

Found this cutie in the Target (Palisades Center Mall) plush toy aisle. And marked down too. Such a bargain.

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