Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Attack of the Flag Bearer

Down the Jersey Shore today. Perfect weather. Air conditioner still doesn't work. (I think it's just out of freon.) Not a problem.

Had an unexpected bonus at "Lucky Lotto". For the longest time, I passed on this cache because it was 3 stages and supposedly not a short walk between stages. Today, I decided what the hey? I'll go for it. And when I got there, I found that the cache owner had removed the 2nd and 3rd stages, and moved everything into the 1st stage. So it was a quick and easy one. Apparently, I'm also the last finder because the cache owner was preparing to remove it.

As I was driving through Lakewood along Route 70, I saw a man, dressed only in red/white/blue flag motive bodypaint, carrying a US flag and marching back and forth on the grassy roadside. Actually, I didn't know it was bodypaint until I checked the mirror and saw that his right buttcheek was left unpainted. Ugh.

I was planning to drop in on a camping event as a drive-by but by the time I got down to the Tuckerton area, it was late enough that I figured everyone would've left already. So I just continued onwards to that last geocache in Tuckerton, had some Wawa, and went home.

Freedom Flight (New Jersey )
Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook in Atlantic Highlands.

Indian Trails (New Jersey)
Lenape Woods Nature Preserve in Atlantic Highlands.

Lucky Lotto (New Jersey )
Huber Woods in Rumson.

Islands in the Sun (New Jersey)
Joe Palaia Park in Oakhurst.

PONDER THIS (New Jersey )
Forge Pond in Brick Township.

Watchin' The River Flow (New Jersey)
Winding River Park in Toms River.

Catch the Manahawkin Express (New Jersey )
Stafford Township Museum in Manahawkin.

Angels Among Us (New Jersey)
Remembrance Park in Beach Haven.

It's a Dozy (New Jersey )
Great Bay WMA in Tuckerton.


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