Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Ramble

It was raining this morning. And rather heavily too. So I took care of some errands first in the hope that the rain would stop by the time I was done. Well, I did those and the rain didn't stop. It looked like it was getting heavier.

So what the hey? I went for a few geocaches before the Where's George meet. The first cache site was soggy. The second cache site was near a very swollen river. The third site was also near a rising river, but I was on higher ground.

Then I went to the Where's George meet at the Houlihan's in Bridgewater. greatscott66 put this little event together. 10 people at one table. We talked about hits and hit distributions. We stamped some bills. We had lunch. And we paid the restaurant with more than a hundred singles.

I was hoping that the rain would stop by the time the meet ended, but it was still raining. I figured I might as well do a few more geocaches anyway, while I was in the Bridgewater area. The 4th cache site was soggy. The 5th cache site had running water on the semi-flooded road. The 6th cache site was under a few inches of water and I had to wade across what was by that time a stream to get there. Wet!

Pete27a 2nd Cache (New Jersey)
North Cove Park in Wayne.

Su Doku (New Jersey )
North Branch Park in Bridgewater. There's a Sudoku puzzle to solve to get the coordinates.

Code Talkers (New Jersey)
Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. There was an all-collie dog show going on in the rain.

Good As New (New Jersey )
Wooded area in Hillsborough.

Buffel Bits I (New Jersey)

power trip naturboy (New Jersey )
Under the powerlines in Hillsborough.


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