Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Soaking wet in Connecticut

The heavy rain has ended, so you can stop building that ark now. There was only a light drizzle today. A traffic report on the radio mentioned that the Saw Mill Parkway was flooded. I didn't see any flood when I got there so it must have been at another section of the SMP.

I met H2"O" at the trailhead for the "Prune Face" geocache.

I remained pretty dry until the 4th geocache. It was next to a park and ride lot, so there shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, when I got there, I saw that because of the recent weather, the field had turned into a pond. I waded in and the water came up to my thighs so it was two feet deep. Then I saw the geocache floating on the water. After signing the log book, I put the geocache up in the branches of a nearby bush so that it won't float away.

At the next cache after that, I saw that the river had overflowed onto the trail. So once again, I waded in. This time, the water only came up to my knees. Good thing there aren't any alligators or piranhas in Connecticut.

Thankfully, none of the remaining geocaches involved wading into water. At the end of the day, I changed to a not-so-wet pair of shoes before heading to the mall.

Prune Face (New York)
Pruyn Sanctuary in Chappaqua.

A Chief Intersection (New York )
Near a sculpture of an Indian brave in Mt. Kisco.

684 Commute (New York)
Two rest areas along I-684 in Bedford Hills and Brewster.

Danbury Travel Bug Resort and Spa (Connecticut )
Park and Ride in Danbury.

GHOSTBUSTER SERIES CACHE 2 "The Demon Murder Case" (Connecticut)
Arthur Harris Linear Park in Brookfield.

Kaitlyn's Cache (Connecticut )
Brookfield Nature Center in Brookfield.

The Happy Cache (Connecticut)
Happy Landings Farm in Brookfield.

Walkabug Home Cache (Connecticut )
Lillinonah Woods in Brookfield.

You'll be Zoar-ly Missed (Connecticut)
Zoar Cemetery in Sandy Hook.

Visit Sandy Hook FD #1 (Connecticut )
Sandy Hook Fire Department in Sandy Hook.


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