Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Being Needy

Borrowed from sandy_hedges:

Morton needs to know the reason for your visit so we can book the right amount of time for your appointment.
Morton needs to know if you are taking any medication not prescribed by her, so whenever you come in, please bring a list of all medications you are taking.
Morton needs a 15-lead ECG at this point to determine whether there is right ventricular involvement or not.
Morton needs to go up to Special Cases.
Morton needs 27 receiving yards to chart his fourth 1,000-yard receiving season in the past five years.
Morton needs you!
Morton needs inspiration for her next book.
Morton needs to make as his first stop a public apology, and that hasn't happened.
Morton needs to work on his writing before he dazzles us with his illustration.
Morton needs solitude for her work, she needs to lock herself up in a comfortable house, go on a diet, live by certain rules.
Morton needs to be gone next year.

(Instructions: Google for "(your name) needs" and take the results from the first page.)
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