Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Finally, the rain stopped.

I-78 was messed up this morning because of a major accident. Traffic was being detoured to local roads. Fortunately, I was going in the other direction and things were back to normal by the evening.

Started the day with 8 quick geocaches (okay, the last one was not so quick) in the Phillipsburg area. Someone must have been bored to place that many in the same town. Just drove around and scooped them up like a Pacman game. Then I hopped over to the Pennsylvania side and got a bunch more.

Had Long John Silver's twice, once while going Westbound and then again while going Eastbound. The restaurant in Easton is just off the highway, so it is conveniently accessible in either direction.

Cashed in on the credit card gas reward so that part of the trip was free today.

Comeon Home (New Jersey)
Home Depot strip mall in Stewartsville.

On the Honeydo List? (New Jersey )
Phillipsburg Mallll in Phillipsburg.

Everyone Loves a Quickie! (New Jersey)
QuickChek in Phillipsburg.

Firth to Find (New Jersey )
Firth Street in Phillipsburg.

Pasta Bowl? (New Jersey)
Near an Italian restaurant in Phillipsburg.

Smell This! (New Jersey )
Near a pizza place in Phillipsburg.

Five Hundred & Nineteen (New Jersey)
Roadside in Phillipsburg.

Over the River (New Jersey )
Bridge in Phillipsburg.

I'll Fly Away (Pennsylvania)
Arndt Cemetery in Easton.

C&E's Professional Series #3 (Phone a Friend) (Pennsylvania )
Gas station in Allentown.

Sadie's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Just inside someone's yard (with permission) in Allentown.

C&E's Professional Series #1 (Pennsylvania )
Covered Bridge Park in Allentown.

Sticky Situation (Pennsylvania)
Trexler Game Preserve in Schnecksville.


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