Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange and Sullivan Counties

Got up before dawn and made my way to Port Jervis. As I would find out later, that would be the only time today when the Thruway wasn't full of traffic.

First stop was to pick up this virtual, which is supposedly at the symbolic center of population for New York State. If the population of NY State were placed on a flat rigid plane, that's where it would balance. I thought it would be closer to NYC but I guess some cities in Western NY counterbalance that pretty well.

After that, I went to Port Jervis to look for this cache and this cache. And then I made a quick hop over into Pennsylvania to get this cache.

Then came the treat of the day. I went to the Woodstock site in Bethel. Never been there before. There were some interesting items, including the Woodstock monument, an old VW microbus, and a wireframe Woodstock guitar logo.

By that time, it had started snowing. Not much snow back in NJ but Upstate NY is a Winter Wonderland already. I pressed on towards the Catskills but decided, in the end, that the roads there were too icy and snowy. So I turned back but not before taking a look at the snowy Neversink Reservoir on Route 55. Then I went back to Liberty and down "Future 86". Stopped at the Quickway Diner just off Route 17 for a snack. Except that the snack somehow became the giant omelette. :) Not bad though.

Took the Thruway back to NJ. As I was approaching the toll booths from Route 17, I saw an amazing spectacle. There was a long line of cars going into the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall. Cars were backed up all the way past the toll booths and ramp, and traffic was crawling for about five miles down the Thruway. This is madness. I doubt even half the people who were waiting in traffic managed to get into the mall.


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