Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Yet Another End Times

Borrowed from 321gold:
Waiting for the lights to go out

The article is a vision of oil depletion and a return to the Dark Ages. (touching on other topics along the way, such as the slowing rate of innovation, whether institutions and civilizations are doomed to stumble and fail, whether progress itself is self-destructive)

I think it is overly pessimistic. Even the lowest estimate for how long we'll continue to have oil is 10 years. That's enough time to develop alternate energy sources, even alternate oil sources such as shale oil, tar sands, and coal-to-oil. As long as crude oil prices remain above $50 per barrel, there's incentive to develop those alternatives. So, no, I don't think we'll regress to 18th century living in the foreseeable future.

The second part of the article has some interesting ideas. There's a description of an electric car and a campaign to get the district to install electric sockets on the pavement to recharge the car. It also mentions wind power (domestic wind turbine), smart windows, and growing your own food.

On that last part, there must be something else to growing vegetables that I can't replicate. Maybe it's the fertilizer, but I've never been able to grow anything but the most pathetic-looking produce. As for raising chickens, I could ask my relatives. They did well with chickens and geese, and they always seemed to have a fridge full of eggs.

Went to get a haircut at Supercuts this evening. It's funny how I didn't think about hair for months, and then today, I suddenly realized that it's gotten pretty long. Why can't head hair just grow to a certain length and then fall off to keep things tidy? Anyway, I found that you can sign up for a haircut reminder email at the Supercuts website and that email comes with a haircut coupon. The first coupon is $2 off and that's what I used this evening.
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