Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A Taxing Scanner Quest

Went to nearby Park Ridge this evening to see if the Staples store there had any scanners. They did have a few, although none for $50. It would be great if there was a coupon or a special.

Won $128 million $7 in Megamillions. Still haven't cashed that Pennsylvania Powerball ticket yet. Have to go back to Pennsylvania for that.

Heard about this last night on Coast to Coast AM:
Tax crusader Irwin Schiff found guilty on all counts

Irwin Schiff wrote a number of books over the years about paying zero income taxes. I've seen one or two of his books in bookstores. He claims that there is no actual law that makes him liable for income taxes and that the 16th Amendment was not intended to give Congress extra taxing powers.

Whether or not his claims are true, the Government wouldn't have let him get away with it. Imagine what would happen if he did go free. Millions of people will stop paying taxes, citing his case as precedent. The Treasury will become a tip jar. They might have to cut the mohair subsidy. :)
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