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Pennsylvania - Northampton and Lehigh

8 caches today: 2 in NJ, 6 in PA.

Parts of the Parkway and I-78 were icy early this morning and the salt trucks were still out there. I saw a number of cars by the side of the road and one car was up on the embankment and tilted at a steep angle. I've been starting out pre-dawn to get the initial travel out of the way without eating into daylight but I can see how that may not be such a good idea.

Fortunately, I did reach this cache safely. Pretty standard towpath walk to a dam area. Cold, but okay.

Next stop was at Round Valley for this cache. I thought it would be a longer walk but it turned out to be less than 800 ft from the 15-minute parking area. And that's it for NJ. Time to cross the border to...

...this cache. The cache owner informed me the blue rubber band was not supposed to be there. Oh well.

This cache was a two-stage cache but it was easy. The funny thing is only when I saw the car dealership about 30 feet from the final cache did I realize why there was a "No auto dealership testing" sign just outside the park. Some people must have been doing test drives inside the park.

This cache could be trouble. It is right under a highway bridge near one of the supports. It could only be a matter of time before the DOT brings in the bomb squad to check out the mysterious box. In fact, according to the logs, someone was already chased off by a DOT official so it could be a sensitive area.

This cache for some reason was completely exposed. I saw it just sitting out on the slope of the hill. Must be a new hiding technique, i.e. make it so obvious that you can't see it. Sometimes I don't know what's going on with these caches out in PA. The other weird thing is the ammo box was big but there was hardly anything inside. There is the possibility that it was plundered but again, I don't know what's going on with these caches out in PA.

Met yiprip and RealDeal at this cache. They were at the cache site when I got there. Great to meet them as I know them from their logs at some of the Bucks County caches that I visited in the past. In fact, I did find one of yiprip's caches during the summer.

This cache was the last of the day. Pretty straightforward. Very well-manicured park with as many covered bridges as there are in all of New Jersey. What I'm wondering is why PA, CT, NY are chock-full of covered bridges but NJ has only two.

Dinner was at Picasso Pizza. Neither Pino nor Biagio were there this afternoon. Oh well.


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