Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 1

Visited two geocaches before breakfast. Micro Mania Surprise was in nearby Spring Park. The difficulty rating on this one is high but some crafty cache hiders in NJ have conditioned me to expect this kind of trick. So it was a snap. Then I went to the 6714 geocache at the Connecticut Trolley Museum.

Breakfast: Had some cookies that I brought from home.

Came back to the con and saw that registration was up and running. Unfortunately, the line was slow and a bit long. So I took care of the charity auction donations first. I was originally going to donate just a pair of paw slippers, but I checked through the storage containers recently and found some plush toys that I could spare. So I dropped those off too. Then I waited in the registration line and got my badge and conbook.

Nothing much was happening so I went back to my room, put on the unicorn suit, went down to the con floor, and did a walk around. Haven't worn this costume in a few years so it was new to practically everyone.

Visited the Riverside Cache before lunch. It's a multi-stage cache next to the Connecticut River and at the first location, there is a marker showing how high some floods in the past have reached. Well, there were two floods that were way above my head, so that puts this year's flooding into perspective.

Lunch was at Quizno's since I had a coupon for that. (Coupons help me decide. :) )

Returned to the con after lunch and came across the Fursuit Performing panel quite by chance because it was in the ballroom instead of the room for the panels. Chatted with some friends between panels, and then visited the Ferrets panel. Then I went to the Opening Ceremonies, which oddly enough was in the evening.

Dinner: Subway, with coupon. Then dancing, or so I thought. When I got back, I learnt that the dance had been postponed because of lack of interest. Hmm. So I went to the movie morgue for a bit, and then hung out with some friends. The dance did start up quite a bit later.

Pictures: Some of them are up here at Flickr. I'll collect them into a set later.

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