Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 2

Started the day by visiting the Cain's Pond Dam geocache at Stony Brooke Park in Suffield. I did it as a before-breakfast cache dash, but it turned out to be a bit long (1-mile round trip) for before breakfast. Nevertheless, it was very doable.

There wasn't much going on in the morning, so I browsed the Dealer's Dungeon and then headed out to do the Inland Wetlands Earthcache at Northwest Park in Windsor before lunch. It was not a long walk but the fall colors were pretty good along the way.

After lunch, I returned to the hotel and changed into the coyote suit. Went down to the ballroom to join the fursuit parade. I think there were 47 fursuiters. (an unofficial count I heard from somewhere) A little confusing at first because half the group went one way and the other half went the other way. However, we all joined up and headed downstairs and outside to the hotel driveway for a photo shoot. The weather this time of the year was perfect for fursuiters, but the photographers were freezing. :)

After that, I hung out for a while on the con floor. Traded travel bugs with jbadger. Also talked to Riismo, who was running the charity auction, and he told me that the fox plush toy I donated turned out to be the highest raffle ticket getter so far. Neat.

Dinner at Quizno's. Then I returned to watch the Masquerade. Lots of funny/weird skits, including one about Katamari Damacy. After that, I chatted with friends and found out about some room parties, which I wasn't going to be able to make, unfortunately. Then I changed into the coyote suit and went to the Shake-A-Tail Dance. And finally, I went to the midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the movie room.

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