Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Returning home from FurFright

Still not used to standard time so I woke up at 7:30am. Brought everything down to the garage. Then I checked out of the hotel. Had breakfast at the local Burger King before heading out to get some geocaches. Four of them were virtual caches (no container. Just visit a location of interest to get answers from a monument or sign.) but it worked out that way because none of those virtuals were convenient to visit on my way there.

Didn't bring the information for the last two caches, so I used my cell phone to call up the cache pages. Thankfully, the wireless web setup worked well.

One might imagine that between the long drive and the meandering around and stopping for geocaches, it would take the whole day just to get home, but I was actually quite early. So I stopped at Palisades Center for an early dinner. This being Halloween, the whole mall was full of trick-and-treaters. (Kids these days don't go out on the dangerous crime-ridden streets any more when they can do that in the mall.)

Since I had all the con stuff with me, I figured what the hey? So I wore the wolf tail and went shopping. Only about half a dozen people actually said anything about it. One man riding the escalator behind me started talking loudly into his cell phone about the guy with the tail. (Because you know... some people use cell phones to give blow-by-blow accounts of everything that they see, instead of writing in Livejournal like us.)

Surprisingly, this evening was one time when Coldstone Creamery didn't have a line at all. I guess no one needed ice cream because of the free candy.

Spoonville Cache (Connecticut )
Cowles Park in East Granby.

Bloomfield Festival Cache (Connecticut)
Sculpture in Bloomfield.

its a BIG UN! (Connecticut )
Giant tree in Simsbury.

For all who answered the call....... (Connecticut)
Fire station in Manchester.

Knights of Pythias (Connecticut )
Monument in Manchester.

ROAD WARRIOR SERIES CT I-84 Cache 2 EXIT 15 (Connecticut)
Community Park in Southbury.

Where is the Southbury Green? (Connecticut )
Southbury Green strip mall in Southbury.

Beans & Bugs (Connecticut)
Middlebury Land Trust in Middlebury.

Visit Sandy Hook FD #2 (Connecticut )
Wooded area behind a fire station in Sandy Hook.


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