Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Web and Software roundup

My laptop was getting rather slow, so I figured it might be time to defrag the hard disk, considering I hadn't done that since I got it. Just out of curiosity, I did a web search for "defrag" and found PageDefrag. Unlike most other defraggers and the Windows built-in defragger, it can move system files. (On the next bootup, of course.) Anyway, it made quite a lot of difference on the laptop computer because, as I discovered, the registry was in 16 fragments. I also tried it on the desktop computer, but there wasn't as much improvement there.

The K-Meleon website has been broken for a few days already. Sourceforge recently upgraded from MySQL 3.23 to MySQL 4.1. The lead developer, who presumably also maintains the website, hasn't been around since January, so there isn't anyone who has sufficient access to migrate the data. People, if you run an open source project that has a decent following and if you lose interest in the project, please appoint another maintainer before you leave.

Are Spencer Katt's latest napkins available anywhere on the website? I found this list but it doesn't seem to get updated. (Hrm... I guess I can't dispose of the print edition just yet.)

Also trying out Flock, a Firefox derivative with built-in support for some blogs, Flickr, and However, it doesn't support Livejournal yet, so it's only of limited interest to me.

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