Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chaos, but not Manor

I noticed that the Thruway Authority has expanded their collection of webcams across Westchester County. This is pretty useful because if I see traffic delays all the way down I-287, then it's not a good day to go into Westchester. I'll have to check back during the daytime to see if any of the webcams show fall colors.

I just remembered that I still have to place an order for the scanner. While I was at, I took a peek at the Tablet PCs section, just out of curiosity, and saw this item, a refurbished tablet PC for under $800. Interesting because that just slipped under my price range, if I were looking for a new notebook computer. The tradeoff for portability appears to be performance. It's not a very fast CPU (in the product reviews, someone noted that an 800 MHz Transmeta Crusoe is like an Athlon underclocked to 500 MHz), but depending on what you use it for while on the go, that may not matter.

K-Meleon's website is saved, I think.

Also, I figured out that the reason Yahoo Maps Beta (which is Yahoo's attempt at one-upping Google Maps) wasn't working on my installation of K-Meleon is because of Flashblock. Normally, Flashblock replaces any Flash apps on the web page with a little arrow icon, so you can control whether the Flash app runs or not. Unfortunately, some weirdness at Yahoo Maps Beta keeps that arrow icon from appearing. So until I have a workaround for that, I'll just have to turn Flashblock off.

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