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The Days and Nights of someone other than Molly Dodd

Got a Where's George hit in Amsterdam this morning! I think that new feature on the WG site for International Users is making it somewhat easier to get foreign hits.

After five days, I'm finally done with the turkey leftovers. Had the remaining lot of it for lunch with a can of gravy. All microwaved, of course. The supermarket's having another free turkey (also ham and something else) promo just in time for Christmas. Do I want to do this again? Umm...

Went to Michaels this evening to use the 40%-off coupon. I found something interesting: flecked paint. This is spray paint that produces a mottled rough surface, like granite. I've seen that used to camouflage some geocache containers and now I know how it is done. Anyway, I wanted to use the coupon to buy the flecked paint but I found that it was on sale so I did not buy it. What?? No, I'm not kidding. At Michaels, it is almost always better to use the coupon rather than to pay the sale price and I can't use the coupon while that item is on sale. Quite an irony. But since there is a new coupon in every Sunday newspaper, I can get the paint next week when it is not on sale. Then I'll start painting the ammo can that's sitting on the kitchen floor.

Then I went to CompUSA. No free-after-rebate items this week but I wanted to get Paint Shop Pro 7 since the evaluation copy I had was expiring. Photoshop Elements was on sale though so I bought that instead. May end up getting both anyway. Boy, these are surely overkill for prepping photos to upload to the geocaching website but how sweet it is.

After that, I went to Sports Authority. I figured if I was going to do Polar Bear Cache Dashes in near or below-zero temperatures, I might as well have more than two pairs of running tights. And yes, those were on sale at Sports Authority. I tried a few kinds in the changing room. What I found odd was the Hind tights didn't fit but the New Balance ones did even though both were size XL. New Balance had those in size XXL too but I'd call them looses. :)

Last stop was at Popeyes to use a popcorn shrimp coupon.


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