Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Server-side Tiddly

I've been using TiddlyWiki for a while now, but it only saves the data locally so I couldn't set it up on the web server and update it from anywhere. Well, that's not a limitation any more. While browsing the TiddlyWiki website today to see what's new, I noticed that there are now a few TiddlyWikiAdaptations with server-side components.

First, I tried installing PhpTiddlyWiki. It looked like it was working but it didn't seem to be saving the tiddlers back into the MySQL database. I didn't feel like debugging it this evening, so I installed PerlTiddlyWiki instead. This one works great. It even goes one better than PhpTiddlyWiki by offering some rudimentary access control so that not just anyone can create/edit/delete tiddlers. Unfortunately, its TiddlyWiki base is a bit out of date. Oh well. It'll have to do until I try more server-side TiddlyWiki implementations.

The printer ran out of toner, so I brought the toner cartridge over to OfficeMax in Nanuet to take advantage of their "free ream of paper for recycling a toner cartridge" deal. Didn't need to buy a toner cartridge this time around because I have a spare one. While there, I checked to see if they had scanners. They did have a few scanners for $39 each, but those were display models without cables, manuals, or anything. (When the store puts something on display, what do they do with all the other parts in the box and the box itself?) Not worth the trouble.

I also went to the nearby KFC/Taco Bell co-branded restaurant and got myself a Three Wings Combo and Nachos and Cheese. I wish it were a KFC/Long John Silver's restaurant instead of KFC/Taco Bell. I'd go there all the time.
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