Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


A split day today. In the morning, I went over to Westchester (because Westchester will do) to get a few geocaches. Then I went back to Ramsey to swap vehicles because the glove box had been repaired. Then I went to Orange County to do more caches. (one of them was actually across the county border in Ulster)

I noticed that the way home passed right through Middletown, so Arby's of Middletown was a convenient place to stop for dinner and while I was there, I also went to the Salvation Army store next door. Unfortunately, Arby's doesn't have apple turnovers on the menu any more. They now have cheesecake. The Big Montana is still big enough to satisfy.

Over at Salvation Army, they seemed to be having a 99-cent sale. The cashier rang everything up as 99 cents, no matter what the tag said. I got some Iain Banks novels that I probably won't have the time to read, but I'll keep those around. No clothing that I can use. Only one plush toy seemed worth getting: a 12-inch husky. (I know I'm supposed to be getting rid of clutter, but it's 99 cents!)

Desk View (New York)
A small city park in White Plains.

Alright Look! (New York )
Duck pond in Larchmont.

"No Man's Land" (New York)
Tour of some historical sites in Tarrytown connected to the Benedict Arnold traitor episode.

Log It Again (New York )
River Front Park in Montgomery.

Galeville Park (New York)
Galeville Park in Wallkill.

The Pleasure Land Puzzle Cache (New York )
Pleasure Grounds in Montgomery.

Disneybackville Cuddeworld Cache (New York)
D&H Canal Park in Cuddebackville. I would nominate this cache for best typography on the cache lid.


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