Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Return to The Forgotten Borough

After yesterday's split day, today was a sandwich day. I did one geocache in Central Jersey. Then I crossed over to Staten Island to get 11 more geocaches. Then I finished up with one last geocache in Central Jersey.

It's odd that a trip to Staten Island consumes far less gas than a trip to Westchester. That has to be because the inter-cache distance is very low. You can't go very far without hitting water or a bridge.

The last cache happened to be right outside the Mongolian BBQ in Millburn, so I figured I might as well go in and have dinner there. Aside from the on-the-spot frying thing, they also have a small selection of sushi and a fair selection of the usual Chinese buffet dishes.

As an aside, I can't believe someone actually opened a Mongolian BBQ in Mongolia. What's next? Panda Express in China? :)

Helen's Heartbreak (New Jersey)
Garden for the Blind next to a public library in Iselin.

Conference House Park in Staten Island.

Harbor Hill Terminal Moraine (New York)
Conference House Park in Staten Island.

The Mount II (New York )
Mount Loretto in Staten Island.

The Mount I (New York)
Mount Loretto in Staten Island.

Folded Sand & Missing Time (New York )
Beach area in Staten Island.

Wolfs Pond OceanView (New York)
Wolfe's Pond Park in Staten Island.

PERGERMENT micro (New York )
Strip mall in Staten Island.

Burger King parking lot in Staten Island.

Serpentinite Commons Earthcache (New York )
Serpentinite Commons Park in Staten Island.

Heroic Erratic Earthcache (New York)
Hero Park in Staten Island.

No Granite In Graniteville! (New York )
A former rock quarry in Staten Island.

Millburn Madness (New Jersey)
Taylor Park in Millburn.


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