Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fall Cleaning

My problem is that I save a lot of things that I no longer need. That's part of the reason why I've never had a roommate. You can't fit another person in here! :) Anyway, the clutter reached a tipping point today and so, I went on the offensive.

First, I threw out lots of food that's been around practically forever. There was a box of cereal just sitting out untouched for over a year. There were also the classic big jar of mayo from the 90s, a jar of onions, and several tubs of "I Can't Believe The Butter Is Still There" in the fridge. Those are gone now.

Next, I had to deal with the big stack of novels that I may never get around to reading. I've known of BookCrossing and I've even helped move a few BookCrossing books that I've come across in geocaches. But I was a little put off at having to buy the special labels to start my own BookCrossing books. Today, I checked the BookCrossing site again and saw that they now have a PDF that I can use to print a set of labels. So I printed the labels and tagged a bunch of books. Left two books somewhere in the neighborhood, but I think I'll save the rest for geocaches. Came back home and I was writing the release notes for the books when I noticed that there are a lot of crossing zones already defined in the system. I was curious about that, so I checked the list of books for this state and saw that some local bookcrossers (especially in nearby Mahwah) have been busy!
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