Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ancient fungus

Still cleaning out junk. Found an old bag of mushrooms at the back of the cupboard. I doubt they'll go bad as long as they remain dry, but I don't think I'll try cooking them to see. Also, there were many boxes of potato latke mix from the Grand Union bankruptcy sale... ummm... years ago. (Their entire inventory for $5 because I was the last customer and they were stuffing things into my shopping cart even as I was leaving.) And there were lots of Chinese takeout containers. Why did I save those? There were also some toys from cereal boxes that I'll leave in geocaches soon. Also got rid of some empty cookie tins.

Someone has already taken the Bookcrossing book that I left at the bus stop. That was fast!

Went out to Palisades Center this evening to claim my free entree at Qdoba. I got a Chicken Molé Burrito. Also cashed a $315 million $2 Megamillions ticket. Also went to the Sprint Store pay a Sprint PCS bill. While there, I took a look at their selection of picture phones with an eye towards upgrading. I noticed that there was no information at all on the resolution of the cameras in those phones, which means that they're probably all 640x480. (probably sufficient for Fotolog and Flickr) And finally, I came across the Paw of Free Refills. Huh??
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