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Looks like it's going to snow a few inches on Thursday

RC5-72 has begun. The project stats are not quite done yet but the servers are sending and accepting keys. Actually, they have been doing that for a while now but the announcement makes it official. I've switched some of the computers over from OGR and ECC2-109.

George visited Zelienople, PA this morning. Wonder how many towns begin with a Z. (or an X, for that matter) Must not be too common. Speaking of Where's George, I just received spam saying "Millions of Singles at your fingertips". Wow, can I stamp them??

I am very discouraged by the lack of inspiration and motivation I have in updating Limpidity. Time is not a problem if I have enough of the other two because I could always set something else aside. I guess things run their course and after six years, it's kinda tapped out. What I'm wondering is if I should just change it from updated every two weeks to infrequently updated. The former doesn't happen anyway but the latter would be like giving myself license to never add new strips at all. At least with the former, I'll know how far behind I am. :)

I am, however, reluctant to end it completely because now and then, I do get some unusual ideas and it is a decent vehicle to express those ideas. The strip carries very little baggage or history from one series to another so pretty much anything can go in.

Anyway, I inked two more strips last night. Will scan them later.


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