Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Scanner

Once again, I'm impressed by I placed an order for the Canon CanoScan LiDE 25 (the under-$50 scanner) on Monday and it arrived this afternoon, a mere two days later, even though I selected the slowest shipping method. Based on the tracking report, they shipped it out of Edison, NJ, so that explains how it got here that quickly.

Setup was simple. Installed the driver. Plugged it into the USB port. (No power cord because it's USB-powered.) And then it was ready to scan pictures into Photoshop Elements. Scanning speed is about the same as the old scanner, which is acceptable.

As for the old scanner, before removing it, I took a close look at it to see what broke. Apparently, nothing broke. The glass was held to the frame by glue. After some time, the glue disintegrated and then the glass fell in. So it wasn't made to last.

Also this evening, since the recycling center is open tomorrow, I went through my collection of magazines and printed matter to see what I could get rid of. Filled 11 bags, which I'll dispose of tomorrow. Anyway, since I have the magazines out and a working scanner, let's try scanning a magazine cover...

Bloomberg Personal cover

Bloomberg magazine furry? Go figure. :)
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