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Nyack and Paterson

I checked the sales circulars yesterday evening and there wasn't anything in the Black Friday sales that was of interest. So I just went out and did a bunch more local geocaches this morning, starting with a trio of caches, ironically on a hill just a mile away from the Palisades Center Mall. Got FTF on those three, so everyone else must've been out shopping.

Cold day. Started out just below 30°F in the morning and I don't think the temperature even reached 40°F the whole day.

Tall Pines (New York)
Long Path in Valley Cottage.

Mt. Nyack (New York)
Long Path in Valley Cottage.

Ghost Rock (New York)
Long Path in Valley Cottage.

Out of the woods - 2 (New York )
Saxon Woods Park in White Plains.

Quirky Little Spot-Silk City Micro 2 (New Jersey)
Bridge over the Passaic River in Paterson.

Raceway Park, Silk City Micro 4 (New Jersey )
Raceway Park in Paterson.

From thefridayfive:

1. On what day do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Uhh... on Thanksgiving Day?

2. How do you traditionally celebrate this food filled holiday?
It's not my tradition. I usually just have store-bought food and anything that doesn't take a lot of preparation.

3. How do you like your stuffing cooked (in the bird, separately in a dish, store bought, etc.)?
I put the stuffing mix in a pot, add water, and oil/butter. And then heat it to a boil on top of the stove. What was the name of that stuffing again? Oh, Stove Top. Well, no wonder then.

4. What is your favorite dessert to eat on Thanksgiving and who makes it?
A pie of some kind, preferably with ice cream on top.

5. Can you name five things you are thankful for?
I did, a few entries ago.

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