Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Slice of Monmouth

A Bookcrossing hit! This book, which I left at the nearby bus stop, was logged and moved to Canada.

Another cold day, but a little warmer than yesterday. I wasn't planning on going too far so I just went around Monmouth County, visiting some new geocaches. Does this tree look like it's screaming?

Somewhere in Howell, I saw a bear mascot advertising a barber shop. Couldn't stop on the highway to take a picture. Maybe another time.

I never noticed before what that little sign on the highway listing the area restaurants actually said. This time I took a look at the sign just before Exit 1 on I-287 and saw Long John Silver's! Whoa! So I went down US-1 to take a look and indeed there was an A&W/Long John Silver's co-branded restaurant, albeit a very small one that looked like it was converted from another type of restaurant. Since it was also A&W, I most definitely had to have the root beer.

The Ent of Tatum Park (New Jersey )
Tatum Park in Middletown.

"The Deal" (New Jersey)
Joe Palaia Park in Oakhurst.

Off to work I go #3 (New Jersey )
Park and Ride next to the Wall Rest Area on the Garden State Parkway.

Can you hear me now now now ? (New Jersey)
Echo Lake Park in Howell.

St. Catherine Cemetary Micro (New Jersey )
St. Catherine Cemetery in Sea Girt.

Welcome to the Municipal Complex Number 2 (New Jersey)
Municipal Park in Belmar.


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