Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Van Saun

Went to the Van Saun Multi-cache this afternoon at Van Saun Park in Paramus. I was pretty familiar with the area, having scouted out the whole park once when choosing a spot for my own cache, so it was just a quick one and a two and it was done. Anyway, it was a good walk alongside the lake.

The funny part is the next visitor to that geocache was only a few minutes behind. In fact, I probably saw him as I was leaving.

Photoshop Elements 4 comes with a bonus for registering: two training videos from the Elements User website. The annoying part is I was only able to follow the link in the registration email once. The second time I did that, it told me that I have already claimed my complimentary benefit. Fortunately, the webpage with the videos doesn't appear to be password protected in any way so I got back there from the browser history and I was able to download the two movie files.

I watched a portion of the training videos. Those cover some pretty basic techniques: free transforms, levels, color corrections, adjustment layers, etc. If you've used the software for a while, you would be familiar with those techniques already. (The first part of the first video was a demo on how to make someone look thinner and less yellow. So if I've posted a picture of you and you want to be thinner and less yellow, let me know. :) )

Okay, so far I've used Elements 4 for all of 10 minutes and already I've run into a problem. I noticed that in the Save For Web dialog, the JPEG Quality setting is not saved and is set to 0 every time I open SFW. Rather annoying. So I checked the Adobe forums and saw that a bunch of users have encountered the same problem and someone has already submitted a bug report. Ugh. Oh well. Hope the Elements 4.01 update comes quickly.

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