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I hardly ever watch any television these days but we could be snowed in one of these weekends so who knows? My current TV is 11 years old. I think it still works pretty well for that age. I brought it over from NYC when I moved to Jersey. Anyway, it has a few problems. The remote control doesn't work. Not because of the remote control -- otherwise it would be easy to replace it with a universal remote -- but because the infra-red receiver doesn't work. Okay, so I get more exercise changing the channels. :) The big limitation is it only has a coax socket. No A/V sockets or S-Video. Therefore, it won't work with all the new stuff like DVD players, TiVo (haven't checked but I'd guess so) and so on.

The VCR doesn't work that well but I suspect that's because the head needs a cleaning. I haven't used it in quite a long while -- about 8 months or so -- but there was a tape sitting in it. I was surprised though when I pushed Play and saw what was on the tape. A Barbra Streisand concert?? What?? Where did that come from???

Anyway, I guess I'll be going out shopping for electronics one of these evenings. Have to enter the 21st century at some point. :)

Also need to go to the optometrist. My appointment yesterday evening was canceled because of the snow. They were already closed when I called earlier in the day to confirm. Maybe I should just do a walk-in visit. What if vision testing were combined with geocaching? The optometrist could place caches ranging from ammo cans to film canisters to postage stamp sized magnets, and at the point where you can't see the cache, that's how bad your vision is. "Oh no, I can't find the speck of dust micro cache!" "Is it better with A," the optometrist flips the lens in the viewer, "or B?"

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