Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cabbages and tacos

About 2 inches of snow this morning.

Stayed indoors for most of the day and prepared for next weekend, which will be Philcon. Also uploaded photos from yesterday. I think the best photos from yesterday are the ones of the decorations along the bike path in Milltown. Given that some of those decorations incorporate plush toys, I wonder if they bring those back indoors before the snow or if everything's going to get soggy out there.

While on the subject of photography, it appears that JPG Magazine's next theme is about taking pictures where photography is a suspicious/criminal activity. Okay... so who will be the first to get arrested taking a picture of the George Washington Bridge or the Indian Point nuclear plant for JPG Magazine? Just to be clear on this, I am against the bridge photography ban, but blatant defiance doesn't seem prudent. Better to seek an overturn of that law through political process.

And finally, I haven't been to Fuddruckers in a long time. In fact, it has been nearly a year and armitige3 and furrball might remember when that last time was. So after dealing with the snow, I figured I might as well head down to the Fuddruckers in Paramus. I had a chicken taco salad and made multiple trips to the fixings bar for jalapenos, tomatoes, and cheese from the cheese dispenser.

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