Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

To Philly

Some last minute packing and loading, and one last errand. So I started a bit later in the morning than I planned.

I knew the snow cover would be a problem so I scanned the list of caches to see if any sounded like they would be findable even with snow. The first one was above ground. Good. The next one could not be done because the park gate was closed, probably on account of snow! Then there was a cache at an abandoned car in the middle of the woods. No snow problem here. Went to another one but something was wrong so I checked the logs on wireless web. It turns out that the town had cleared away a whole bunch of trees and brush, presumably including the hiding spot. Augh.

Lions Lake Park didn't have that much snow in it, but I nearly stepped on the cache while searching. Then it was sunset. Heard on the radio that there was some problem with the bridge. So I made a stop at a Wawa store (which was next to a jewelry store in an upscale strip mall. How incongruous.) and then took the slow way to Westville (but I don't think there is a fast way at around rush hour) to try another cache in the dark. That turned out to be not dark at all because the town had generously provided area lighting.

Okay, so I was done. Time to head into Philly. Then I saw that traffic was backed up for miles into NJ. Fortunately, only the Walt Whitman Bridge was affected so I took Ben's Bridge directly into Center City. Checked into the hotel. Wow! Got a nice corner room with a view of two streets.

Dinner was in Chinatown, of course. It's only a few blocks away.

"The Berry tree cache" (New Jersey)
Town park in Wrightstown.

Dude, where's my car? (New Jersey )
Rancocas State Park in Mt. Laurel.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! (New Jersey)
Lions Lake Park in Voorhees.

Honor the fallen (New Jersey )
War memorial in Westville.


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