Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philcon Day 1

The con doesn't actually start until around 4pm in the afternoon. So I woke up late in the morning and went to the Reading Terminal Market for breakfast. Then I took a walk out to get some geocaches. (Took a taxi part of the way between caches.) It snowed earlier in the morning, so there was an inch or two of snow on the sidewalks and puddles everywhere. Also, it appears that schools were closed because all the kids were out in the city parks.

Anyway, I didn't feel like digging in the snow in the city with lots of people around, so if the cache looked like it would be buried in the snow, I just moved on to the next one. Even so, I still was able to find 7-Up and Rodin the Man. The first one was near the new Cira Center next to the 30th St Station. The second one was at the Rodin Museum along the Ben Franklin Parkway. Then I went to Chinatown for lunch.

Got back to the hotel and the con still hadn't started, although the registration table was open so I got my badge. They needed some volunteers so I helped set up the film room. Stayed there to watch the screening of Firefly: Serenity.

After that, I went to LEGO Gaming panel and played a round of QuickWars, a wargaming system using LEGO. (The panelist informed me that this system, with a 6-page rulebook, is actually a simplification of another LEGO wargaming system with a 130-page rulebook, which boggles the mind.)

After that, I went for dinner in Chinatown. Two people from the con happened to be sitting at a nearby table. And they knew I was from the con too, so they asked why I was taking pictures of my food. I told them it was for Flickr. :)

Went back to the hotel and attended the panel on "How to live a fannish life." I kinda already knew the answer, but it boils down to this: If you don't know anyone at work or school sharing your particular obsession, just go on the internet and find your fandom. After that, I went to the panel on blogging. And then I went to the con suite to have cheese and crackers and broccoli. And that's all for the day.

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