Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Spartan Caching

I wasn't planning on going out today, but I saw a whole bunch of new listings, all in the town of Sparta. And so there I went!

All of them were rather easy. There was 4 to 6 inches of snow on the ground. There was also a geocaching event the day before. So all I had to do was follow the deep and obvious tracks in the snow to each geocache. Only the last one posed a bit of a challenge, mostly because of the steep snowy hillslope I had to climb up. Anyway, the first six were a tour of some historic sites in the town and the last two were in Sparta Glen, a long and narrow park following the curve of a stream.

One mildly annoying thing about this area is all the New York-based radio stations fade out once I get to the other side of the mountain. So I turned the dial (it's a digital tuner controlled by a knob, not a button. Go figure) and found 106.3FM. This radio station appears to be based in Northwest NJ, so the DJ will occasionally mention local places and events, which is nice. (The rest of the time, it's just standard ClearChannel-like music.)

After that, I returned home and finished all my errands, including the paying of bills, the cashing of checks, and the shopping of groceries. Also used another coupon from my vast collection of Quiznos coupons. (from newspapers, email list, etc) Of course, a little later, I noticed that the Sunday newspaper I bought in Andalusia (Pennsylvania, not Spain) had another set of Quiznos coupons! That should cover me into next year. :)


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