Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Among other things, the Island is Long

Another non-freezing day. Almost all the snow is gone already.

I didn't think I would have time to do that many geocaches today, but I got 8 of them before sunset. Then I did 3 more after sunset. I can use a flashlight to look for caches in the dark (as long as they aren't too hard to figure out with a narrow field of vision), so the biggest hindrance is whether the location is accessible at night. The first one was next to the street, so it was easy. The second one was a few steps into the woods, so it too was easy. I expected the third one to be inaccessible because it was in a park. Then I went to check it out and discovered that the park was open because they had a night basketball thing going on with floodlights. So okay, I did that too, using the flashlight only when I had to enter the wooded area.

Since the last cache was in Patchogue Medford Mastic Moriches, I went to Long John Silver's in Patchogue afterwards. After ringing up my order, the cashier told me that I was not allowed to photograph my food because I would be "advertising someone else's food." Okay, that was from way out in left field. I was wondering how I was "advertising", why "advertising" was bad, and why it was "someone else's food" when it was actually my food. (Unless it happens to be like software, where you buy only a license to use it and not the software itself. So I would have to return the fish after eating it. Disturbing mental image ahead. :) ) Then it occurred to me that I could submit a picture of the fried fish to JPG Magazine because their current theme asks photographers to "shoot where people tell you not to." Of course, JPG Magazine was referring to public areas where photography is banned, whereas LJS is not a public area. Nevertheless, it is somewhat related. Then another LJS employee told me that I could take pictures of my food. Oh well. There goes that JPG Magazine submission idea. Now I have to think of something else!

LEM-2: Phrag Nab It! (New York )
Santapogue (is coming to town) Restoration in Babylon.

NZ18 - Water Tower Vista (New York)
Hermann Griem Park in Wheatley Heights.

NZ17 - 3 Car Pileup (New York )
Strathmore Park in Wheatley Heights.

Pony Cat's Puppy Pantry (New York)
Gardiners County Park in Bay Shore.

Candeeland (New York )

Common Behavior (New York)
Bayport Commons in Bayport.

NZ16 - Canaan Able (New York )
Canaan Lake in North Patchogue.

FT-001 Beta Hide 1.00 (New York)
Near Bank of America in Medford.

fishing stuff (New York )
Edge of someone's yard in Mastic.

HUK-11 "Waldbaum's Pond" (New York)
Wooded area near a Waldbaum's in Center Moriches.

HUK-4 "Have a Ball!" (New York )
Moriches Athletic Complex in Moriches.


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