Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Funny. Because there was a geocache out there, I woke up 1.5 hours earlier than usual. Didn't need the alarm clock or anything. If only I had that kind of motivation for other things in life. Anyway, I went to The Argument cache in Demarest Kill Park in New City. It was COLD in the morning, so it was a good thing the walk wasn't that long. Put on gloves before retrieving the cache because the ammo box, which had been sitting there all night long, was colder than ice.

In the evening, I went and got an oil change done. (Mileage = 5,399) Man, they were fast! I brought a book and my bag o' coupons. I didn't get to read the book and I was only halfway done sorting the coupons when the technician came back and said it was done. Unfortunately, they couldn't do the complimentary car wash because the door to the car wash just happened to break this evening. However, they promised to do it on my next visit. Hmm... rain check on a free item?

Can't leave these hanging over the holidays so I sent in two complaints. The first was to Long John Silver's (now owned by Yum! Brands, aka Tricon Global) because that "advertising someone else's food" comment was uncalled for. (and also nonsensical)

The second was to Capella because the course was rather disorganized, the instructor didn't respond to a bunch of my emails, and the courseroom was slow. (as usual)

And with that, I'm on break until next year.
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