Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Wrote/addressed a bunch more holiday cards and brought them with me to mail while running some errands this morning. Ended up using the mailbox near home anyway because mailboxes are so darn elusive.

Then I realized that I'd forgotten the milk for the 200th time. So I took a walk out to the store to get it. I think that's under a mile roundtrip so it was a piece of cake. (except for crossing the road, which was dicey)

Later in the day, I went shopping. Heheh. That's a geocache at the Shoprite strip mall in Wharton, near the Rockaway Townsquare Mall. Not having done weekday driving in a while, I didn't realize that traffic on I-80 would be that bad. And worse yet, rush hour traffic started before 4pm?? Anyway, that was an easy one for find #4500.

Also shopped at a Chinese supermarket in East Hanover. Surprisingly, their apples were somewhat cheaper than the apples at a regular supermarket, but the downside was I had to look through the whole pile to find the few apples that weren't bruised.
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