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Neverending cleanup continues. Actually freed up quite a lot of space today. I still have lots of retail software that I haven't or am not ready to give away yet. (e.g. TaxCut versions from past years. I may still need to install them to view old tax files.) One thing I realized is even if I'm keeping the software, there's no reason to keep the boxes. Most software these days don't come with much printed documentation. Some don't have any print documentation at all, so they're just CDs rattling around in otherwise empty boxes, a ridiculous waste of space.

So last night and this morning, I repacked all the software media into gallon-sized storage bags. And this afternoon, I took a dozen large bags of software boxes over to the town dump recycling center. Presumably, they'd have more room than my dumpster for this waste. Wrong-o. When I got there, I saw that their dumpsters were already overflowing with paper and cardboard!

Also went to the supermarket to get more gallon-sized storage bags. Returned home and continued packing the software media. By the time I was done, I had freed up several bookshelves and half of the living room table.

Installed K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Release Candidate 1 this evening. There are probably lots of other changes under the hood, but one thing I noticed is they fixed a mildly annoying problem with the focus not getting restored after going Back. I didn't notice that problem myself until I started uploading image files yesterday.

Too interesting not to share. Borrowed from the Whiskey and Gunpowder e-letter:
ECB Educational: Price stability: why is it important for you?

An 8-minute cartoon provides an overview of inflation targeting and features the "inflation monster".

Okay, what's wrong with it?

Firstly, I would hardly call 2% inflation price stability. That still devalues the currency by half every 35 years. True price stability is 0% inflation. Period.

Secondly, why is deflation seen as a bad thing? We have deflation all the time in computer hardware. Every year, we get more technology for the same or less money. Yet no one ever says that computers should cost 2% more every year. Similarly, I don't hear anyone complaining when there's a price rollback at Wal-Mart or a blue light special at K-Mart. Yes, it's true that people will hold back from shopping if they think prices are going down. But wait a minute... that turns into savings and savings is the basis of future investment. And people will have to buy anyway when they need something, which is a far more rational and less wasteful approach than the want, want, want, now, now, now consumer madness we're in these days.

However, the cartoon does provide a good description on the cause of inflation, i.e. too much money chasing the same goods. Just take the Central Bank propaganda for what it is.

Made a room reservation thru the AAA website. So I'll go and see if it made it through the system. However, there doesn't seem to be as much of a problem as I thought getting a hotel room near Atlantic City shortly before Christmas.
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