Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shore overnight trip

Overnight trip, so I went a bit further down the Jersey Shore than usual. Stuck close to the Parkway for an easy off and on. Of course, most of the time that didn't work because there are a number of exits that go only in one direction. So I had to take local roads anyway.

Lots of dirt road driving to get to some geocaches in remote areas. I'm not even sure that I went the right way in Bass River, but I eventually did get to the correct location. Then there was a 3-mile stretch of dirt road in the Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area. There was hunting (uhh... wildlife managing) going on, but the hunters were just hanging around the parking areas waiting for the deer to come out. Watched the sun set at the observation platform near one of the caches, and then drove out in darkness. Fortunately, the dirt road leading out was simple to follow (basically, don't take any of the branches) and I've been down that way before.

But that's not all! Did three more caches that were night-friendly. Two of those were at Wawa stores, so I got some food items at one store and more food at the other store, and that was dinner. Something strange happened at the Ocean View Wawa. (apart from my lifting the lamp post hood to get the cache, of course) Three pickups left the parking area and all of them peeled out onto Route 625 with tires screeching. Unless they're street-racing pickup trucks, I must be missing something there. (At that point, I was only 20 miles from Cape May, so I probably should've reserved a motel room in Cape May instead.)

Finally, I headed back up the Parkway to Absecon. My method of picking a hotel was to do a search at the AAA website and pick the cheapest one. So I thought it would be a fleabag inn, but it's actually pretty nice. The room has a microwave, a refrigerator (how many expensive hotels don't even have that?), and broadband internet.

Devil Reincarnated (New Jersey)

The Fallen Oak Cache (New Jersey )
Double Trouble State Park in Toms River.

All's Well that Ends Well (New Jersey)
Wells Mills Park in Waretown.

The Site (New Jersey )
Bass River State Park in Tuckerton.

Bow Wow! (New Jersey)
Tuckahoe WMA in Estell Manor.

Where Does This Road Go? (New Jersey )
Tuckahoe WMA in Estell Manor.

Swan Lagoons (New Jersey)
Tuckahoe WMA in Estell Manor.

My Choice, My Cache #5 (Marmora) (New Jersey )
Wawa parking lot in Marmora.

My TB Will Pitch In For Tolls (New Jersey)
Park and Ride in Marmora.

My Choice, My Cache #6 (Ocean View) (New Jersey )
Wawa parking lot in Ocean View.

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