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There's a mudslide in Brazil and yet this is what I'm writing about?

I'm way behind on reading the magazines to which I subscribe. This evening, I had five minutes to kill while waiting for the microwave to be done with the TV dinner so I picked up the latest Linux Magazine and started flipping through it. The Perl section mentions Inline::C. Wow, something I can use! It's a Perl module that lets you write Perl extensions by embedding C code in the Perl script. Looks very nifty and much easier than writing XS code. Hmm... maybe I should take a look at the stack of magazines piling up under the table. Who knows what other gems I can find in there?

Other items in the mail: Christmas cards! Much appreciated. I should start sending those out myself.

It's Philcon time already?? My, how time flies! This one sorta snuck up on me. Is anyone concerned that the Philcon website still doesn't have parking info and directions? Never mind. I know how to get there. Anyway, I think I'll have to get some Where's George bills ready. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm spending them about as quickly as I'm Georging them. Also planning to hit a few geocaches surrounding Philly on that weekend so I'll bring spare socks, shoes and pants in case some cache locations are muddy. I think a few of those may actually be within walking distance of the hotel.

That's not very nice. Actually, another Georger brought it to my attention as I didn't check the latest WG hits until I got back from the evening's shopping. It is unfortunate that someone in Portland, OR has to carry a chip on his shoulder but at least the bill was re-entered.

Found the USGS/NEIC Earthquake Notification mailing lists. Fascinating. If something's a-rocking in the world, I want to know about it. Wonder if New Jersey is ever on that list. I think there have been some tremors reported here before. I just never felt any of them.


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