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Got the most amazing hit on Where's George this morning. I hardly ever enter $100 bills. In fact, I've only georged 3 of those in over 3 years. This hundred got a hit in Istanbul, Turkey! Yes, my comment and zip code are correct. I did get it from digeri and I did enter it while at Anthrocon 2000. And most likely, I spent it on a very small purchase to break it up.

The Philcon website finally has parking info. Is there any hotel in Philadelphia where you don't have to pay for parking? Either it's the Adam's Mark where you have to pay for self-parking or it's this hotel (Mariott) where you have a choice of valet parking or a parking garage. Oh well. Hope the parking rates aren't too high.

Stayed late this evening to debug a problem in the new project. (So don't say I don't do anything for this company.) Fortunately, it didn't take too long to figure out and correct so I went out to use the coupon and get the flecked paint at Michaels. Very nice. Now I can paint the ammo can the same color and texture as granite and hide it somewhere in a bunch of rocks. Muahaha!

It is 28°F outside. I have to remember not to drive around with the window down. That tends to make my head freeze.
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