Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rockland, Orange, Sussex, and Morris

What a day! Originally, I was planning to do only 4 geocaches to bring my year-to-date total up to an even 1200, i.e. 100 per month this year, but I overshot that by a bit as the little trip expanded into a 4-county trek.

It also turned out to be a good day for running into other geocachers. At the parking area for the first two caches, I ran into (not literally. We both parked at the same time.) Outdoors Lady and friend. So we joined forces and did the two caches. Then at the 4th cache site, I met jfedina and family, who were new to the game. Then at the last cache of the day, I saw dhenninger, who was just about to leave. It's a good thing he was there too, because I didn't have the info for that last cache as I hadn't planned on going that direction. He supplied the info and I was able to get the cache without having to conduct cache listing searches on my cellphone.

In addition, I was first-to-find on two of the Orange County geocaches. And two of the geocaches were geocoin exchanges, so I got to log a large number of geocoins and add some new icons to my user stats page. (Icons... gotta collect 'em all! :) )

As I was going down Route 23 in the Wantage area, I noticed that a craft store was going out of business and having a sale. So I pulled into the parking area and went in to take a look. They didn't have very much left, but they did have insect repellant so I got that. Insect repellant at a craft store? But hey, it was 70% off and I'll need it in the summer, so it's good.

Ka-Ching (New York)
Cheesecoate Mountain Park in Pomona.

Fondue Cache (New York )
Cheesecoate Mountain Park in Pomona.

A home for the animals (New York)
Wildlife refuge in Goshen.

In The Roots Of Orange County (New York )
Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Campbell Hall.

The Shelter Cache (New York)
Hansen Memorial Park in Westtown.

A Last Rest Stop for Some (New Jersey )
Clove Cemetery in Sussex.

Morris County Geocoin Xchange (New Jersey)
Butler Reservoir in Kinnelon.


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